jsfl Scripts

Bitmap Lover

Export selected Movieclips to png, and later place the png file inside the original Movieclip.
This is different than using covertToBitmap() or exportPNG(), the results are much better because this script use the Publish exporter.

The Library Nazi

It’s a handy panel for miscellaneous actions with the items in the library.
Bulk rename, replace names and linkages, delete items, add subfix and prefix, etc.


Export a log file with the structure and hierarchy of every Movieclip with a linkage.
Also show all the instance names, labels, and dynamic text fields.

Guide Maniac

Toggle selected layers between normal and guide layers.
A must for every keyboard-shortcut enthusiast.

Regular Renamer

Change the Instance name of all selected Movieclips to their Library Name or anything else.
It was godly useful in the development of Regular Show's game: Best Park in the Universe.

Bitmap to Movieclip

Set highest quality for all selected bitmaps, and for everyone create a movieclip with the original bitmap’s name.
Arrange the Library, and put bitmaps in a “_bitmap” folder, and movieclips in a “_movieclip” folder.

Flash Scripts

A collection of miscellaneus jsfl scripts I made for Adobe Flash.
Feel free to use and remix them.